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Updated: Dec 3, 2019

For the past 15 years (Dec. 4th) I have been lucky enough to work for Iheart Media, Iheart Radio & Premiere Radio Networks!

Here's a full list!

WMIL- Milwaukee WOKY- Milwaukee WISN- Milwaukee WQBW- Milwaukee WBZY- ATLANTA WKLS 96 Rock & Project 9-6-1- ATLANTA WUBL- ATLANTA WWDC- Washington DC Y100 - Miami WXTB- Tampa WFUS- Tampa WMTX- TAMPA WTZP- Sarasota THUNDER-TAMPA ALT-100.3 - TAMPA iHeartRadio App WWDC- Again (freelance) Sixx Sense/SideShow with NIKKI SIXX AND JENN! The Rendezvous with Simon and Kim Part Time NPP IHC/ROCK/CHR ACTIVE ROCK PC BROWN BAG IMAGING KIIS- LA (freelance) KYSR-LA (freelance) Planet (the new one) - Jacksonville (freelance) WEGR- Memphis (freelance) WZEE- Madison (freelance) Y100- Naples (freelance) KEGL - Dallas (freelance) KDJE- Little Rock (freelance) WWPW- ATLANTA (freelance) WRDA- ATLANTA (freelance) WMIL- Milwaukee (Fill in) WRNW- Milwaukee (Fill in) WKKV- Milwaukee (Fill in) KWBL - DENVER Z100 & KTU - NYC (fill in for a few weeks) KYSR LOS ANGELES FULL TIME!

WIOQ - Philly - currently

KBKS - Seattle - currently

I was let go, and now Its time to get back to work! I'm working with The Mix Group doing VO and Production, and I want to Voice/Image/write for YOUR ALT/Active/Classic Rock, CHR and Country station!

Here's this months imaging highlights!

I also had the opportunity of doing an interview with DENZIL LACEY! An Absolute BAD ASS! Get that right here

Holler at ya boy and lets get to work on making some amazing, game changing imaging!

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